This was the view outside the Amateur Photographer office caused by the red sun, taken by Technical Editor Andy Westlake

A red hue dominated the sky in many parts of England and Wales caused by winds from ex-Hurricane Ophelia bringing in tropical dust from the Sahara.

The Met Office said that the ex-hurricane, which hit Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, brought in southerly winds that caused the strange phenomenon. The Sahara dust scattered the sun’s blue light, which as a result led to more red light coming through during sunrise and sunset.

While it might have been quite disconcerting to see the sky turn dark in the middle of the day, it was a perfect moment to get your camera out.

Many people took to social media to find out what was going on and share their photographs of the eerie skies across the UK.

We asked you to send in some of your photos and you didn’t disappoint with plenty of spooky and striking shots. Here’s our pick of some of the best.

Credit: Scott Morey

Freelance photographer Scott Morey snapped this eerie photo of Portchester Castle in Hampshire, South East England.

Credit: Keith Hughes

Keith Hughes took this spooky picture of the red sun.

Credit: Rob Lay

Rob Lay took this photo of the red sky hanging ominously over Essex.

Credit: Jon Game

Jon Game managed to capture the stormy weather hanging ominously in the sky in a more urban landscape.

Credit: Caroline Hooper

Caroline Hooper woke up to the strange red sun and orange skies in Gloucestershire, where she snapped this beautiful shot at 8am.

Credit: Elaine Patricia Dowding

Capturing the sun can be quite a tough ask but Elaine Patricia Dowding managed to take this impressive photo.

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