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The mosaic will be based on an iconic photograph of Hurricane and Spitfire fighters in close formation (above) and is due to be exhibited at the RAF Museum in North London as a large artwork poster.

The RAF said in a statement: ‘The aim of the mosaic is to raise awareness not only of “the few” – the pilots and aircrew who fought in the battle – but also “the many” often unsung others whose contribution during the Battle of Britain was also vital to the RAF’s victory in the skies above Britain.’

The public are being asked to upload images of a family member who served in World War Two, for example, or even a selfie.

‘This is a great opportunity for the public to acknowledge and offer a fitting tribute to all, including those from the Commonwealth and occupied countries such as France and Poland who fought and gave so much – and sometimes everything – to defend Britain.’

To view the mosaic and zoom in on individual photos, visit https://www.raf.mod.uk/mosaic