Pope Benedict photo

Photo: Pope Benedict XVI, pictured in St Peter’s Square, Rome, Italy

Picture credit: Steve Parsons/Press Association Images

People who miss out on photographing the Pope during his visit to the UK over the next few days may be in luck.

The Press Association (PA) is set to make available images of Pope Benedict XV1 – captured by its professional photographers – available for sale to the general public.

PA says this is the first time it has launched a public sales event centred around a particular event.

The agency’s decision to launch a print service came in response to demands from consumers wanting to secure a keepsake to commemorate the pontiff?s visit to the UK, which begins today.

Martin Stephens, managing director of Press Association Images said: ?During high profile events such as these, we tend to receive a high volume of calls from members of the public who have seen our photographs in newspapers or online and wish to buy prints as mementos of the occasion.

?To make this easier we have created a dedicated site where we will upload all the images that our photographers take of the visit, allowing people to browse and choose the images that they would like to keep.?

The Pope is due to arrive in Scotland today before visiting London and Birmingham.

Print sales range from £5 for a 7x5in print, up to £35 for a 30×20 image.

Canvases will start at £30 for a 12in canvas.

For details of PA?s new service visit www.thepopesvisit.co.uk