The Polaroid Now Plus is the latest instant camera announced by Polaroid… it comes with built-in Bluetooth, and lets you control the camera from your smartphone, giving you manual controls.

Billed at the most creative camera Polaroid has ever made, the revamped analog instant camera comes with 5 new lens filters. There’s also an aperture priority and tripod mode, when using the Polaroid mobile app.

The instant camera has Autofocus, selecting the right lens automatically, as well as a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery which can be charged over USB. The camera uses Polaroid’s i-Type film, which is a newer version of Polaroid’s film, one that doesn’t include a built-in battery, which should save you some money (and the environment).

The Now Plus camera weighs in at 457g (without film pack), and has a shutter speed range of 1/200s upto 30seconds, when using the Bulb mode in the App.

The camera is available now for £139.99 in a variety of colours from Polaroid.

Polaroid Now Plus Filters

Polaroid Now Plus Filters

From Polaroid: Meet your new experimental sidekick: Polaroid Now+. The analogue instant camera that connects to your phone via Bluetooth® to give you even more ways to create. Connect to the Polaroid app to unlock new creative tools, or mix it up with five experimental lens filters. Fully analogue, totally controllable, and here to reimagine what’s possible in analogue instant photography.

“It’s a special time to be at Polaroid as we’re bringing the brand and what it stands for into the future. Central to this effort is getting back to designing and making awesome products and keeping them at the core of the company. I’m super excited about the Now+ with the quality of photos you can capture and the new beautiful colours. Plus, for the first time we’re including physical filters in the box as they were loved by our community and add to the palette for experimenting – with or without the app,” Oskar Smolokowski, Chairman of Polaroid, said.

The Polaroid Now+ has more creative tools than any other instant camera; open the app to swipe between light painting, double exposure, manual mode, and more. The upgraded app also includes two new features—aperture priority and tripod mode, tools that put depth of field and long exposures into the hands of any creative.

The creativity doesn’t stop there. The Polaroid Now+ comes with a lens filter kit which includes five physical filters to snap onto the camera lens. Saturate your photos in colour, deepen contrast, or add new effects with experimental filters, like starburst, red vignette, and orange, blue, and yellow filters. The lens filter kit even comes with a carrying case for safekeeping.

Polaroid Now Plus Camera with Filters

Polaroid Now Plus Camera with Filters

The Polaroid Now+ camera is a step up from the original point-and-shoot Polaroid Now camera released in 2020. The improved design boasts the core features such as autofocus, dynamic flash, and self-timer, but now comes with a tripod mount to steady your ideas. The ultimate creative collaborator.

“We designed the Now+ to help people take their creativity further. The Polaroid app is redesigned from the ground up including new modes and a streamlined interface. We’ve integrated the camera’s light sensor into the lens stage to enhance the performance of the different filters included with the camera and updated the design language to the one introduced on the Now and the Go. The seasonal Blue Gray colourway is calmer and more mature, making it the most elegant Polaroid camera to date,” Ignacio Germade, Chief Design Officer, said.

To celebrate the launch of Polaroid Now+, the brand proves the camera’s creative prowess with a series of artistic photography experiments featuring international creatives.

To show off aperture priority mode, Polaroid tapped Berlin-based makeup artist Kicki Zhang who is known for creating dynamic looks inspired by her Chinese heritage. With aperture priority mode, the brand put Zhang’s latest evolution of work in focus. To highlight manual mode, Polaroid put the spotlight on French dancer and choreographer Jojo Akams. Famous for his energetic dance moves, the photo series uses manual mode to capture dynamic motions with psychedelic flair.

Each creator experiment is documented on video featuring original music by Baraka for the campaign, with every accident and surprise captured in the iconic Polaroid format frame, a tribute to the camera’s experimental spirit.

The Polaroid Now+ is Polaroid’s second key launch this year, following the international launch of the Polaroid Go camera and film in April. As the brand’s most creative camera launch to date, the Now+ proudly answers Polaroid’s mission to provide the most inspiring tools for creators around the world.

The Polaroid Now+ in Blue Gray is exclusively available now from, along with White and Black colourways. Download the Polaroid app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. @Polaroid #PolaroidNowPlus