Hopes of a reprieve for Polaroid instant film appear to have been dashed with news that Polaroid has failed to reach agreement with a potential new manufacturer, Ilford Photo.

Polaroid chiefs had been in talks with Ilford Photo over the possibility of producing Polaroid black & white instant film at Ilford’s base in Cheshire, UK.

However, a spokesman for Harman Technology Ltd, which trades as Ilford Photo, told us: ?They couldn?t find a way forward that was acceptable to both parties.? He added: ?It is a great shame.?

In February, Polaroid announced plans to axe film production, blaming competition from digital cameras, 61 years after it hailed the birth of ‘instant photography’.

Two months later, Polaroid Europe’s general manager Philippe Kalmbach said that Polaroid was working on various options to keep its instant business ?alive as long as possible?.

Details of the discussions that took place between the two companies have not been revealed.

Neither Kalmbach nor Polaroid UK?s office were available for immediate comment on the matter.

Ilford Photo is due to release an official statement to AP later this afternoon.

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