British pinhole photography enthusiast Justin Quinnell has been hired as a consultant in The Brothers Bloom, a $20m movie starring Oscar-winning actress Rachel Weisz.

Weisz plays a mysterious millionaire with interests that include pinhole photography.

Quinnell, whose work has been featured in Amateur Photographer (AP) magazine, said: ?I was on a train returning from lecturing at University College Falmouth when my mobile rang and I found myself talking to the set designer in Belgrade.

?From then on I was sending information and props as well as images to be used in the film.?

The movie?s writer and director Rian Johnson said: ?I found Justin?s photography on the internet several years ago. It was a big part of what inspired me to write it into the script as part of Rachel Weisz?s character.?

The film, also due to star actor Robbie Coltrane, is scheduled for release in January.

Speaking to AP, Quinnell said he believes there is still a ‘strong’ interest in pinhole photography as an alternative approach to picture taking in today’s digital era.

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Pictures: A self-portrait of Justin Quinnell (below) was among a number of pinhole photographs sent to the director of the soon-to-be-released movie, The Brothers Bloom

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Pictures (below): Two more of Justin Quinnell’s pinhole shots which could appear in the upcoming movie, The Brothers Bloom

Pinhole camera man lands 'Holewood' movie rolePinhole camera man lands 'Holewood' movie role