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The Pictar promises to put controls such as a two-stage shutter button, an exposure compensation wheel and a zoom ring, familiar to DSLR users, at their fingertips.

Powered by a 1/2 AA battery, the gadget features five external controls for key settings using ‘high-frequency dual-tone sound to activate the camera’, according to a spokesman at Miggo, its maker. The sound (18,500-20,000 khz) is inaudible to the human ear.

The features are unlocked using a dedicated app, explained the spokesman. He added: ‘Each of the physical controls is assigned a specific tone, and with each turn of a dial, press of a button or turn of a wheel, Pictar emits a sound that… generates a corresponding action.’

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Miggo claims this saves significant battery power compared with a Bluetooth connection. The Pictar also promises one-hand operation courtesy of its ‘ergonomic grip’.

‘It’s no secret that one of the most popular smartphones in the world is also one of the most widely used digital cameras,’ said Miggo co-founder Guy Sprukt.

‘With Pictar we’re looking to give users – whether professionals or social shutterbugs – the ability to DSLR their iPhone and completely unleash its full potential.’

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Controls also include a customisable ‘smart wheel’, which can be programmed to adopt manual mode, ISO and white balance settings.

The Pictar also boasts a tripod mount and the ability to attach accessories such as an LED light or a microphone.

Miggo is seeking development funds for the Pictar via crowdfunding organisation Kickstarter. If successful, the gadget is due to cost £78 when it is launched in December.

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