The features, released as part of the new “Picfair Plus,” gives photographers the option to connect their Store to a custom website domain, strip away Picfair branding, organise their images into albums and featured collections, and a number of other customisation features. “For photographers looking for a simple, fully-featured way to sell their work online, it’s a one-stop shop: your own standalone website, connected to a global marketplace,” said Picfair founder Benji Lanyado.

As Lanyado emphasises, Picfair has always allowed photographers to upload images and set the price, after which the images are available to sell online. “Unlike the traditional stock image marketplaces who keep up to 85% of a photographers royalties, Picfair adds 20% on top,” he adds. “Until now, options for photographers looking to sell their images online were expensive and complicated. We’d see our photographers listing their images on Picfair, and then have a separate portfolio website, and another service that allowed them to take print orders, and yet another service or add-on that actually produced and shipped their prints. Now, Picfair can do all of that for them, in one place.”

To launch a Picfair Store, photographers upload their first batch of images to the site. From their Store dashboard (above) they can then choose to launch their standalone store on a Picfair subdomain with a light or dark theme.

The Picfair Plus package, starting from $5.82/month, includes the option to organise your images into collections, choose a featured album to display on your store homepage, choose between full-screen and grid-style image displays, connect your Store to your own domain, add your social media links, and strip away all Picfair branding. For full details, see