New research by NordLocker, a file protection tool from the people behind the widely used NordVPN (virtual private network), reveals that the British value their photographs more than any other type of files they store on their computers. A full 70% of those surveyed consider their images more valuable than all other types of data. This is more than the 69% who value their medical records the most, followed by work-related data (60%), and tax records (60%). No big surprises there but rather worrying is the revelation that only one out of 10 of those surveyed use file encryption tools to protect data on their computers.

A cloud backup service such as Backblaze allows you to retrieve files if disaster strikes

“The survey shows that every second person in the UK shares their personal computer with other people, such as their children, parents, or spouses,” said NordLocker’s Oliver Noble. “To keep their information private, 75% of respondents claim they use some sort of file protection, with passwords being the most common choice (46%). 12% reveal they hide their files on the computer manually.” Now might be the time to consider a more secure file-protection strategy, or at least consider backing up your precious pictures in the cloud or a separate storage device. We also shudder to think how many significant photographs are left languishing on people’s phones. Watch out for a major feature on image storage and protection in AP soon.