Imaging software giant Adobe has been forced to remove downloadable Photoshop imaging software updates from its website after identifying ?several bugs?.

Adobe is conducting an investigation into the problem and has told photographers to ?uninstall? the Lightroom 1.4 update and revert to the older 1.3.1 version.

As we reported last Friday, Adobe updated its Photoshop Lightroom and Photoshop Camera Raw plug-in to provide raw file support for nine more digital cameras.

In a message on its website Adobe adds: ?For those not in immediate need of the updated camera support available in Camera Raw 4.4 or the DNG 4.4 Converter, it?s recommended that you also continue working with the 4.3.1 versions.’

In Adobe’s online forum one angry user wrote: ‘You have no idea how much pain this caused over the weekend… I have no problems with the odd bug slipping through – we’re all human – but to introduce such massive problems into something that was functional really has no excuse.’

Problems identified by Adobe include an error in the Exif time stamp update and an error in converting Olympus JPEG files to other formats.

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