The original Pentax 645D went on sale in 2010

Due for launch in ‘spring 2014′, the camera will feature a ‘super-high-resolution’ CMOS imaging sensor, according to a statement issued by the firm last night.

The new camera will also carry a tilting LCD monitor.

Also due on show at the CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging show in Yokohama is a new ‘ultra-wideangle’ 645-mount lens, and a ‘telephoto macro’ for Pentax Q-mount cameras.

Ricoh has also announced a ‘Pentax film duplicator’.

The accessory will produce ‘digital duplicates of silver-halide film images, in combination with a digital SLR camera and a dedicated flash unit’.

It will be compatible with 35mm and medium-format films.

The launch dates of the new lenses and the film duplicator have yet to be decided.

The CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging show takes place from 13-16 February.

• Pentax DSLRs will be the ‘main focus’ for Ricoh’s camera business in 2014, says Ricoh Imaging UK managing director Jonathan Martin. ‘There is a desire to make Pentax a bigger part of the [Ricoh Imaging] business,’ he told AP at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last month. Martin said Pentax’s challenge for 2014 is to pull consumers away from buying a Canon, Nikon or Sony camera.