Pentax has today unveiled the Pentax Q which, the company claims, is the smallest and lightest interchangeable lens system camera in the world.

Featuring a 12.4-million-pixel, 1/2.3in, CMOS sensor the Pentax Q boasts a brand new ‘Q’ lens mount with an outer diameter around 6mm shorter than the K-mount, according to Pentax. 

‘This is made possible by reducing the flange back to nearly one fifth of that of the K-mount, as well as by optimising the size of the image circle of its lenses to be proportioned to the size of the compact image sensor,’ said Pentax in a statement. 

The firm adds: ‘The Q-mount system also eliminates an optical finder, mirror box, focusing plate and AF sensor…’ 

180g (body only, without battery and memory card) the magnesium
alloy-bodied Pentax Q includes features such as ‘bokeh control’ and a
cross-processing effect mode. 

Pentax Q release date and price

The mirrorless Pentax Q will debut in September, at a price yet to be announced, alongside an optional external optical viewfinder. 

Prices and availability dates for the Pentax Q lenses have also yet to be confirmed.