Pentax is set to launch its first compact system camera this summer, according to a report published by respected Japanese trade publication PEN News Weekly.

Though such a mirrorless camera from Pentax has been rumoured in the past, a report in Pen gives an imminent launch more credence.

?To begin with [Pentax owner] Hoya will go global with a new mirrorless interchangeable lens compact system as early as this summer,? states the article published in Pen?s newsletter dated 17 June.

?The new mid-range mirrorless camera, under the Pentax brand, is expected to sell for about 70,000 to 80,000 yen ($864 to 988), including a lens.

?This matches the prices of comparable products from Sony Corp and Panasonic Corp, which are already in the segment of the market.?

Pen adds that the company plans to sell 400,000 interchangeable lens cameras during this fiscal year, including its K-series of DSLRs (see picture).

At the time of writing, a Pentax spokesman told Amateur Photographer that the company was ?looking into the source of these rumours?.