Pentax UK has refused to comment on press reports that suggest the firm will accept plans for a takeover to be launched by Hoya next month.

Reporting on a meeting held between senior officials of Pentax and Hoya in Tokyo on 16 May, the latest issue of PEN News Weekly states: ?Pentax requested that it will remain a Hoya subsidiary without being merged for the time being; and six current directors of Pentax will hold their positions, which Hoya will take into due consideration; and the two came to an agreement.?

The report states that Pentax directors will hold an extraordinary meeting on the matter tomorrow (24 May).

Dismissing all such press reports as ?speculation? a member of staff at Pentax UK?s office in Slough, Berkshire told us: ?We are not allowed to interpret what is happening.?

The woman, who refused to be named, said no one would comment until information appears on the Pentax Corporation website in Japan.

A spokeswoman for Pentax UK?s PR agency added: ?Pentax UK still does not want to comment on the speculation.?

The PEN article, dated 18 May, adds: ?No direct reference was made during the meeting to the digital camera business of Pentax? but informed sources say that Hoya has no intention of disposing of the D-cam business.?

PEN News Weekly is published in Tokyo by the Joint PhotoImaging Enterprises Association International.

Distributed on subscription worldwide PEN is respected for the accuracy of its reporting.

Last month Pentax scrapped its planned merger with Hoya ? due to take effect on 1 October ? apparently because Pentax shareholders felt the proposed share-swap ratio undervalued the company.

News update: update 25 May

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