Last month, gadget website Ubergizmo reported that Pentax is expected to debut a new full-frame DSLR – based on comments apparently made by Tomoyoshi Shibata, Pentax’s managing director and general manager of Pentax Ricoh China, in an interview with

The article adds that the camera ‘will apparently be different from other full-frame DSLR cameras’.

However, Pentax Ricoh Imaging UK’s product co-co-ordinator Stephen Sanderson today told Amateur Photographer (AP) that the firm does not plan to issue any response to the report.

Separately, in March, Pentax appeared to hint that it may launch a full-frame DSLR later this year.

The suggestion emerged in a tweet purportedly posted by Pentax Australia, in response to a question posed by Hong Kong-based Pentax user Sam Wong.

In his tweet, Wong had asked: ‘A Pentax FF DSLR is coming??’

Pentax Australia replied: ‘This very well might be the year! Hold onto those lenses.’

In an interview with AP last year, Pentax underlined the importance of a full DSLR range but remained tight-lipped when asked whether we can expect a full-frame camera.