Panasonic has confirmed that its 8mm f/3.5 Micro Four Thirds fisheye lens will go on sale in July, ten months after it was first announced. Panasonic has also released a UK price.

First reported in Amateur Photographer last September, the Lumix G optic will deliver ?distinctive perspective and unique deformation effect,? according to Panasonic.

The newcomer will deliver the 35mm viewing angle equivalent of a 16mm lens.

?It gives not only photos but also movies an extraordinary view to add an impressive scene to the story – even for TV contents, films and web movies,? said a spokesman.

The 10-elements-in-9-groups lens features seven diaphragm blades and a close focusing distance of 0.1m. Its diagonal angle of view is 180 degrees.

The Lumix G 8mm f/3.5 fisheye will cost a penny under £730.


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