The Japanese family of a top Olympus executive, believed to have committed suicide, have reportedly told police that his death came as a complete shock as he was in ?regular touch?.

Tsutomu Omori, managing director of Olympus Medical Systems India, was found hanging in a garden near his apartment in the district of Gurgaon on Monday.

Results of a post-mortem, carried out on Thursday, show that Omori died ?due to asphyxiation?, reported the Hindustan Times.

In a note to his wife, Omori wrote: ?I am weak. I am sorry for leaving you alone. Please take care of yourself and the kids.?

Maheshwar Dayal, of the local police, told the newspaper: ?The family is in deep shock. The family told us that Omori was in regular touch with them.?

Earlier this week, when contacted by Amateur Photographer, Olympus Tokyo said it was trying to obtain more information about the circumstances surrounding the 49-year-old?s death.

Olympus is reported to have said, separately, that the incident is not likely to be related to the ongoing financial scandal that has engulfed the camera maker in recent months.

Seven men were recently arrested in connection with the £1.1 billion fraud.