cameraThe accounting cover-up at Olympus will be the focus of an extraordinary general meeting for shareholders in Tokyo on 20 April, details of which have now been revealed.

The meeting will take place at the Hotel New Otani in Tokyo, the company has confirmed in a statement. It will begin at 10am local time.

Among the list of subjects to be discussed is a ?report on developments in the series of problems for the deferred posting of losses? and the measures taken by the company?.

The agenda also features a report on the steps Olympus has taken ?toward the future rebuilding of management of the company?.

Items ?to be resolved? include the approval of corrected financial statements ? covering the period from 1 April 2006 to 31 March 2011 ? plus the election of 11 directors and four corporate auditors.

Former CEO Michael Woodford ? who remains an Olympus shareholder ? plans to attend the meeting.

In an interview with Amateur Photographer (AP) last month, the whistleblower said he intends to voice his fears for the future of the camera business amid speculation that Olympus may form a partnership with another company.

Speaking on 16 February, he added: ?If the corporation is managed properly, its medical business should be immensely profitable and the camera business can remain a part. It can never be particularly profitable? but? it shouldn’t die or be shrunk.’

Last week Olympus confirmed that Tokyo prosecutors have charged the company over the filing of false financial statements in relation to the £1.1 billion cover-up.

Six men ? including ex-chairman Tsuyoshi Kikukawa and former executive vice-president Hisashi Mori ? have been charged, in addition to Olympus as a corporation.

Meanwhile, in a statement released to AP on Friday, Olympus said that a top executive found dead in India last month had not been among those quizzed as part of the firm?s internal probe into the cover-up.

Tsutomu Omori, 49, who was the managing director of Olympus Medical Systems India Private Limited, was found hanging from a wall bordering a park in the Gurgaon district of India, in an apparent suicide.

An Olympus Tokyo spokesperson told AP: ?He was not one of the people who were questioned regarding the recent accounting issues by the committee.?