If you buy an Olympus E-MI Mark II camera body or kit before the end of October you can claim a 17mm, 25mm or 45mm F1.2 Olympus M.Zuiko lens, part of the Pro range. According to our review, the E-M1 Mark II offers “extraordinary in-body image stabilisation system which allows handholding at unprecedented shutter speeds,” along with class-leading continuous shooting performance, impressive continuous autofocus and tracking and superb build quality and handling.

It’s tempting to assume that Micro Four Thirds has had its day, but the system offers considerable advantages of its own, particularly in terms of size and weight. “It’s not the best option if you regularly make very large prints, are after shallow depth of field, or frequently shoot moving subjects in low light; then you’d be better served by a larger sensor,” says chief tester Andy Westlake. “But it’s a great choice if you want to carry a large range of lenses without breaking your back, and long telephotos in particular.”

As for the lenses, these are fast primes which will be a useful addition to the creative arsenal of street, travel and portrait photographers. Olympus has posted videos on the 45mm lens and how pro photographer Lars Johnson got on with the 17mm glass. The offer runs until October 31st so contact Olympus dealers for more details.