Olympus has revealed details of how it set about designing the successor to the Olympus E-1 digital SLR which, reports have suggested, will be called the E3.

In a message on its website Olympus states that the new camera is ?rugged yet graceful, with mobility, functionality, durability, and presence that resonate with the user’s senses?.

It claims the control layout design evokes the ?efficient layout of controls in an airline cockpit?.

It adds: ?Take mobility, for example. The front view evokes the tensed musculature of an athlete waiting for the starting pistol, or a black panther about to pounce on his prey?.

A prototype of the new camera bearing the name ?E3? was shown at a recent event hosted by Olympus Korea.

We understand that the specification of the new model will be released to the photographic press on 17 October.

Earlier this year Olympus confirmed that the camera will feature a Live View screen. Several new E-system lenses are expected to accompany the launch.

For full details see here: www.olympus-esystem.com/dea/special/passion/episode7_01.html.