Olympus?s next digital SLR may not be called the ?E3? despite a prototype of the new camera bearing the name at a recent event hosted by Olympus Korea.

We understand that the specification of the new model will be released to the photographic press on 17 October. Olympus calls this the Official Public Release (OPR) date.

Commenting on pictures of the prototype, which have appeared on several websites in recent days, a UK spokesman told us: ?The sample shown in Korea was one at product development stage and was merely displayed in Olympus Korea?s event announcing new compact cameras. The finalised name and specifications of the E-1 successor will be announced at the OPR event.?

Earlier this year Olympus confirmed that the camera will feature a Live View screen.

Several new E-system lenses are expected to accompany the launch.

Among the websites publishing an image of the ‘E3’ prototype was gadget website Gixmodo (pictured). Visit https://gizmodo.com/gadgets/digital-cameras/olympus-e+3-flagship-dslr-released-in-korea-294463.php