On the day Olympus averted automatic expulsion from the Tokyo stock market, as it battles a £1.1 billion scandal, the troubled firm unveiled a new 12-50mm lens for its Pen series cameras.

The Tokyo Stock Exchange today confirmed that Olympus managed to submit its revised business results on time, which means it will not be automatically delisted.

However, it still faces being expelled from the stock market for making false statements relating to the 13-year accounting cover-up that was confirmed by an official investigation last week.

Meanwhile, due on sale at the end of January priced £349.99, comes the M Zuiko Digital ED 12-50mm f/3.5-6.3 EZ which takes the ?movie zoom lens to a new level?, claimed the firm in a statement.

?An electromagnetically powered zoom mechanism lets you zoom in and out smoothly and quietly, at a constant rate.

?This avoids the camera shake that often occurs when you zoom by hand and cuts out the noise of motor gears in the background, which can potentially ruin your movie.’

In a first for a Pen micro four thirds camera lens, it includes an ?L-Fn? button, designed to ?prevent the camera focusing on the wrong subject by mistake?.

A spokesman explained: ?Should something suddenly come between the lens and your intended subject, you simply push this button to temporarily suspend autofocus until it?s moved out of the way.?

The lens will deliver the 35mm viewing angle equivalent of a 24-100mm zoom, according to Olympus.