Camera gear is on a hit list of ‘restricted items’ drawn up by the London 2012 organising committee.

The list includes: ‘Large photographic and broadcast equipment over 30cm in length, including tripods and monopods.’

Locog adds: ‘You cannot use photographic or broadcast equipment for commercial purposes unless you hold media accreditation.’

Visitors are told to ‘check with staff’ about items they fear may block the view of other spectators, or create a safety hazard.

Responding to the news, John Tracy, chief executive of the Bureau of Freelance Photographers said: ‘So, once again, photographers are facing restrictions on taking photographs…

‘There was a time when people would be perfectly free to take pictures at public events, even if they were doing so for commercial purposes.

‘This is yet another indication of how our rights are being gradually eroded.’

At the time of writing, it was not clear if people carrying equipment exceeding 30cm will be prevented from taking it into the venue, or whether they will be told not to use it once inside.

‘We are giving people advanced warning,’ said a Locog spokesman, adding that he will seek to clarify the matter with Locog security.

Earlier this year, Locog said photographers will not face confiscation of camera gear at the gates, but that security staff have a right to challenge people whose equipment interferes with the view of other spectators once inside.

‘No way are we trying to target camera users,’ said a Locog spokesman in February. ‘The issue is basically around size.’

Curbed objects also include ‘oversized hats’, and clothing bearing ‘political statements or overt commercial identification intended for “ambush marketing”‘.

The list of ‘prohibited items’ includes skateboards and pets.

‘There are no storage facilities available and if you surrender an item you won’t be able to get it back,’ warns Locog.