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Proving itself to be a flexible and high-functioning system, Nikon’s Z series now moves to the next generation of cameras. After listening to feedback from a wide variety of different users, the latest models are better than ever before. This month, the Nikon Z 7II – the perfect partner for any professional or high-end enthusiast – goes on sale.

Nikon Z 7II: why upgrade now?

Nikon’s two new models in the Z range are an exciting evolution of Nikon’s popular and highly-respected mirrorless cameras. The Z 7II follows directly on from the original Z 7 , bringing with it a range of improvements, all while sticking with some of the specs that made it such a winner in the first place.

If you’re contemplating switching to mirrorless from your DSLR – this could well be the camera to tempt you across. If you’ve got a stack of Nikon DSLR lenses, don’t worry – you can use them on your Z 7II via an adapter.

No matter what kind of camera you’re currently shooting with, here are just a few essential reasons why the Z 7II should be high on your shopping list.

Superior image quality

Both the Z 7II and its sibling, the Z 6II, now boast dual Expeed 6 image processors, which bring with them a range of improvements to image quality, AF and buffer capacity. The Nikon Z 7II’s 45.7 megapixel sensor brings you stunning detail, while also being well-suited to low-light shooting.

Dual card slots

You asked, Nikon listened. This key piece of feedback was taken on board to create an additional SD card slot to sit alongside the XQD/CFExpress slot. Enjoy the peace of mind of having a backup file simultaneously recorded to the second card, or use it as overflow if you run out of space on the first card. You can also record stills to one card, video to the other, or raw files to one card, and JPEGs to the other. The choice is yours.

Faster frame rates

For capturing moving subjects and action, the Z 7II brings you 10fps shooting in spectacular 45.7 megapixel resolution. A good balance between power and speed, this is just one of the factors that makes the Z 7II a fantastic all-round performer for professionals who rely on versatility. What’s more, the new dual-processors enable up to 200 JPEGs and 50 RAW shots to be captured in a single burst.

Better video specs

From launch, the Z 7II is ready for video-makers. Rely on 4K HD and Full HD in both FX and DX-based movie formats, at frame rates up to 60p – a first for the Z series.

Preserve more detail, dynamic range and contrast with HLG shooting formats, meaning you should spend less time in post-processing. Improved Eye-Detection and Animal-Eye Detection AF also promise speedy focusing during video recording.

Nikon Z series: A versatile and award-winning range of fantastic cameras

The Nikon Z 7II slots neatly in to the family of existing Nikon full-frame mirrorless models. Every photographer can find something to match their needs in this adaptable range.

Award-winning cameras span from beginner-friendly options such as the small, lightweight and portable Nikon Z 50, all the way up to the Nikon Z 7II, a professional-level, advanced, camera. The original Z 7 will also remain on sale. No matter where you are in your own photography journey, there’s something here for you.

On top of that, the Nikon Z lens range continues to expand and grow. New proprietary lenses are regularly announced, and there’s now something to meet almost every demand – without the need for adapters. A trinity of f/2.8 optics (14-24mm, 24-70mm, 70-200mm) are the perfect partners for the high-resolution sensor of the Z 7II, providing sharp and beautiful results in every scenario.

Beyond that, F-mount (DSLR) lenses can be used with the Z 7II via the FTZ mount adapter, opening up a whole world of compatible and niche optics – as well as making it easy to step up to mirrorless for existing DSLR owners.

Nikon Z 7II: see the stunning results for yourself

Keen to show off the power of the fantastic new Z 7II, Nikon asked two professional photographers at the top of their game to test the camera to its limits. The results are breathtaking.

Konsta Punkka took the Z 7II into the wilds of Finland. There he found that the Z 7II’s weather sealing, exceptional low-light capabilities, speed and remote shooting capabilities (via the free Snapbridge app) allowed him to take his photography to the next level.

Delphine Diallo used the Z 7II to create some beautiful fine-art portraits. With its 45.7 megapixel resolution, it provides the perfect attention to detail that is so necessary for this genre. Not only that, but being able to save raw files to one card, and back-up JPEGs to the backup SD card slot provided a sense of much-needed security.

Lastly, destination wedding photographer, Tali Pelosi, loves the way the Z 7II handles, giving her the flexibility to get truly absorbed in the moment. She also appreciates being able to rely on accurate Eye-AF to make sure her people shots are perfectly in focus. The high-ISO capability of the Z 7II really comes into its own when the party stretches out into the evening, too. As a professional recording a special, unrepeatable event, dual card slots give her that peace of mind she requires, so she can fully concentrate on telling a remarkable story.

The Z 7II is available to buy now from all leading camera specialists and select high-street retailers.

Find out more at the Nikon website.