Nikon has announced a fresh update to its popular 70-300mm telephoto zoom lens, with a new build and features inherited from some of Nikon’s pro-grade lenses.

Despite keeping mostly the same dimensions in its relatively compact build, the AF-P Nikkor 70-300mm ED VR weighs in at slightly less than its predecessor, and it wields an advanced vibration reduction (VR) system that enables steadier shooting. This is joined by Sport VR mode – which delivers a more stable viewfinder image, which is helpful when shooting exceptionally fast action, or when panning. It boasts a minimum focus distance of 1.2m throughout its zoom range and a 0.25x magnification ratio. An electromagnetic, nine-bladed diaphragm is used, with the aim of providing consistent automatic exposure control even during high-speed bursts. The diaphragm blades are rounded for pleasing bokeh effects.

Also new to this version of the 70-300mm is Nikon’s AF-P Stepping Motor technology, which they say will provide faster and quieter autofocus – including when shooting video.

On the outside, the lens has been weather-proofed to protect it from water drops and dust and A/M and M/A focus-mode switches on the barrel make it possible to control manual-focus override simply by turning the focus ring, with sensitivity depending ont he photographers preference.

Writing about the lens, Emma Fergie, Product Manager at Nikon UK writes: “The new AF-P 70-300mm lens is an excellent addition to our NIKKOR lens line-up. Nikon is renowned for its ability to integrate proven pro technology into more affordable lenses, and this new telephoto zoom is testament to that. Exceptional features like the SPORT VR and advance vibration reduction (VR) mean that this is the ideal lens for photographers who often have to shoot in gruelling situations.”

There’s no word just yet of an official release date for the AF-P Nikkor 70-300mm ED VR, but it will have a retail price of £749.99.