[Update adds Nikon UK comment]

In a customer advisory notice, Nikon adds: ‘We have determined that bright spots may occasionally be noticeable… in images captured at an image area setting of 1.2x (30×20).’

Nikon has not said how many models are affected, but adds that cameras with a ‘black dot’ in the D810’s tripod socket have already been inspected and the ‘necessary adjustments made’.

Nikon claims that, once serviced, the occurrence of the bright spots in long exposures will be reduced.

However, the firm adds: ‘As image resolution and sharpness have been increased with the D810, even after cameras are serviced to resolve this issue, bright spots may be more noticeable in exposures longer than 30sec than they were in images captured by previous cameras with the same exposure time.’

Asked how many of the affected units have been sold in the UK, a Nikon spokesperson told Amateur Photographer: ‘We are still assessing the situation, but considering it is early days in the product shipment, it is likely to be a relatively small number.’

Nikon has pledged to service cameras free of charge.

For the full statement on the serial numbers affected, see the Nikon Europe website.