Nikon has launched the Nikon Imaging Cloud, a free online service that enables Nikon users to store their images for 30 days before transferring elsewhere, quickly install camera firmware updates and access ‘exclusive image recipes.’

The Nikon Imaging Cloud has been rolled out following the recent release of the Nikon Z6III, and is currently only available for use with this camera. Hopefully, the range of compatible models will be expanded, but there is no further information from Nikon at this stage.

Nikon Imaging Cloud
The new Nikon Imaging Cloud service should facilitate image transfer and firmware updates

The ‘image recipes’ are essentially unique colour profiles that can be downloaded straight from the Nikon Imaging Cloud to your Nikon camera, which will help to give your images a consistent look during the editing process.

Nikon Imaging Cloud
It can also be easily accessed via smartphones

Nikon Imaging Cloud – key features

  • Direct camera-to-cloud image transfer: Nikon Imaging Cloud keeps image files safe with automatic transfers from camera to the cloud, whenever the camera is switched on and connected to the Internet.
  • This is not a subscription service: the idea is that users temporarily store photos taken on their camera in Nikon Imaging Cloud for up to 30 days and then automatically transfer them to a third-party cloud service. After 30 days, the images will be deleted, so it’s important you don’t forget they are there!
  • One-time setup: the connection between camera and Nikon Imaging Cloud only needs to be set up once. After that, whenever the camera’s on, it’s connected to the cloud.
  • The free colour-profile image ‘recipes’ have been created by Nikon and Nikon Creators (ie, pro ambassadors and affiliated photographers). Up to nine recipes can be saved in the cloud at any one time: once transferred to the camera, they appear as new Picture Control profiles.
  • You can set up automatic updates to have the latest firmware installed on the camera when it’s charging. If you’d rather go for manual updates, a yellow dot will appear next to the tool icon in the main camera menu to signal new firmware is available.

This seems a useful extra service for Nikon Z6III users, considering it’s free, but as mentioned, you need to be careful you don’t store images and then forget about them, as they will be deleted after 30 days. This could be asking for trouble, but only time will tell.

See here for the Nikon page on the Nikon Imaging Cloud service.

See the YouTube video on setting up the Nikon Imaging Cloud service

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