In the UK, the Nikon Df costs £2,749.99 – including 20% VAT – for a kit including the new 50mm lens.

However, in the United States the same outfit officially costs $2,999.95 (around £1,866), before sales tax.

In New York City, for example, shops apply a sales tax of 8.875%.

When this is added to the $2,999.95 US price, the total outlay would be $3,266.20 – around £2,031 sterling at current exchange rates.

Asked to explain the price differential, Nikon UK’s general manager John Walshe told Amateur Photographer: ‘Many factors influence the final price of products in the UK – this includes but is not limited to tax, tariff, exchange rates and logistics.

‘It is important to note that Nikon RRPs are non-binding guidelines, and market dynamics will determine the actual price set by retailers.’