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London Live mounted the D4 and D800 on a nine-axis robotic arm for a ‘full-frame 35mm cinematic effect’, according to Nikon.

Nikon UK’s group marketing manager Jeremy Gilbert said: ‘By working with the 24/7 TV channel we’ve been able to develop a cost-effective solution that allows broadcasters to operate in niche demographic markets, catering for regional broadcast requirements.’

London Live’s technology director Bryn Balcombe said the cameras allow the station to provide ‘fast-paced, 24-hour broadcasting without compromising the image quality for our viewers’.

Balcombe added: ‘Building a television channel from scratch has given us an exciting opportunity to source the most innovative new technology and find less traditional and more cost-effective ways of doing things.’

The new TV studio is based at the Kensington offices of the Evening Standard and Independent newspapers.

London Live is broadcast on Sky, Virgin Media and Freeview.