Enquiries by AP have led the BBC to change the terms of a photo competition which – until this afternoon ? seemingly required the winner to hand over all copyright in their images from a resulting shoot.

As we reported last Friday, the BBC is offering the chance to photograph the BBC Electric Proms event which takes place in Camden, London from 25-29 October (see AP web story 1 September).

The original terms sparked concern that the contest abuses a photographer?s right to retain copyright in images that they take. The terms of entering stated: ?The winner will be commissioned by the BBC to take photos at the BBC Electric Proms. This means the BBC would hold the copyright to these photos.?

Angered by the rules was the Editorial Photographers UK and Ireland (EPUK) group who branded the BBC?s rules a ?rights grab?.

But a subsequent investigation by AP to seek clarification of the rules has forced the BBC to alter the terms of entry and state that the prize-winner will retain copyright in their pictures from the shoot.

After checking the terms with a lawyer this morning the BBC amended the rules to state: ?We may use the photos for publicity purposes across the BBC and in external publications. We will give full credit for any photos used. By entering this competition you are agreeing that if you win, you will grant the BBC a licence to use the images like this.’ The rules add, crucially: ?You will still own the copyright to these images.? A spokeswoman for the organisers explained that the images would only be used in ?external publications? in order to publicise the competition. She acknowledged that photographers ?have rights? and claimed that the BBC is not exploiting the winner by seeking a ?load of free photography?. She explained that the BBC will also have its own photographers covering the event.

For details of the amended rules visit www.bbc.co.uk/electricproms/livelife/competitionrules.shtml

The resulting pictures from the shoot are due to be published on the BBC website at bbc.co.uk/electricproms (the competition’s closing date is 8 September).