3 Legged Thing has announced the addition of a new dedicated L-bracket, the Zaara One made for the Nikon Z9. The single-piece joins a range of dedicated L-brackets that are designed to give access to a specific camera’s battery door as well as all the ports on the camera body.

Made from a single block of aerospace-grade magnesium alloy, the Zaara One comes in two colours – Copper or Darkness – and is made to fit around the Nikon Z9 body with a locator pin at the base to ensure a secure fit. It is available from the 3 Legged Thing website and selected retailers for $149.99/£129.99.

Zaara One L-bracket

Zaara One L-bracket

NIKON D850 · f/20 · 1/125s · 70mm · ISO64

From 3 Legged Thing: 

STAGSDEN, ENGLAND – August 29th 2023

3 Legged Thing is pleased to announce a new version of its Zaara dedicated L-bracket for the Nikon Z9 full body camera. Zaara One, an Arca-Swiss compatible, one-piece L-bracket is crafted from a single block of aerospace-grade magnesium alloy and gives users access to the camera’s battery door and all side ports.

As a single-piece L-bracket, Zaara One fits perfectly around the Nikon Z9 without flexing or movement and has a locator pin in the base to ensure a secure fit.

Zaara One L-bracket for Nikon Z9

Zaara One L-bracket for Nikon Z9

“When we release a product, we often receive feedback from customers on how we can make it even better,” said Stuart Boston, Chief Operating Officer, 3 Legged Thing. “Zaara One is an example where we’ve taken that feedback on-board and put it into action. We hope Nikon Z9 users will enjoy using this new Zaara One version of our dedicated L-bracket for their camera.”

The L-bracket features cut-outs in the vertical aspect to give users access to the camera strap lug and to enable easy use of the rear tilt screen. A contoured section of the L-bracket also ensures the camera’s focus mode button is easy to reach. The inside of the vertical aspect also features a rubber bumper that rests against the side of the camera to reduce the possibility of flexing in portrait orientation.

Zaara One L-bracket

Zaara One L-bracket in chrome.

NIKON D850 · f/18 · 1/125s · 70mm · ISO64

Zaara One features one ¼”-20 screw thread in the vertical aspect, and one 1/4’”-20, and two 3/8”-16 screw threads with ¼”-20 adapter, in the base. These enable the attachment of accessory arms, monitors or lights for stills or video shooting. The base also features a slot at the end for the attachment of camera straps.

L-brackets enable a quick switch from landscape to portrait orientation, and vice versa, whilst maintaining the same focal plane and a level horizon. They also allow the camera to remain above the centre of the tripod, the optimal position for stability.

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