It’s been revealed that the new camera from OM Digital Solutions will be officially launched on the morning of 15 February 2022 (6am GMT)… and, as expected, it’s set to be a Micro Four Thirds model.  

This will mark the first camera release from OM Digital Solutions since the confirmed switch from Olympus branding to the OM System in October 2021. This followed the purchase and transfer of Olympus Imaging to OM Digital Solutions in January 2021.

The events page of the OM System website reveals a Camera Announcement, from where you can also register for a series of 10 different ‘First Look’ sessions with OM SYSTEM Ambassadors and OM Digital Solutions technical experts. The sessions will include presentations by photographers, such as Tesni Ward and David Smith, and by OM technical experts such as Mishalla Amendolara and Aaron Harivel.

The OM System events page states, ‘Join us as we celebrate an exciting product announcement. On Feb 15th we will have a series of exciting live online events to introduce the new camera. There will be presentations by our technical experts, interviews with OM SYSTEM Ambassadors and Q&A sessions.’ The sessions will also include ‘live chats’, so you can choose if you want to interact in them.

In the run-up to the camera launch the OM System global YouTube page has released five inspirational videos featuring OM SYSTEM photographers. You can view the latest film, featuring US nature photographer Ben Knoot, below…

The camera launch ties in with the fact that, despite potential delays in product launches due to the semiconductor shortages, Amateur Photographer was told in January 2002 that OM Digital Solutions is on track for 2022 launches.

To date little is known about the new camera with only ‘teaser’ images of the top of a camera body having been released thus far (see below). OM Digital Solutions has thus far only released some marketing-type messaging about the new camera, such as it, ‘brings photography to the next level’, and that it will be a Micro Four Thirds system model.

Olympus new micro four thirds camera for 2022

How OM Digital Solutions has ‘teased’ its new Micro Four Thirds camera (shown at bottom of image)

Watch out for more details…

Make sure you keep visiting the Amateur Photographer website to keep up with all of the details about the new camera from OM Digital Solutions.

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