On Thursday August 23, Nikon officially reveals the details of its new full-frame mirrorless cameras – this is the biggest camera story of the year so far and we couldn’t be more excited. Needless to say, AP will bring you all the information on the new cameras as soon as we can, but in the meantime, Nikon has posted another interesting teaser video, this time sharing some first impressions of the new cameras by professional photographers.

This is carefully compiled marketing material, so there is nothing earth shattering or controversial, but as suspected, the new Nikon will have a touchscreen; the photographers’ comments also imply it will be lightweight (not exactly a surprise as Nikon would be unlikely to bring out a heavy mirrorless model) and have a revamped AF system. The rest is speculation until we have all the facts, but it’s tantalising nonetheless. The full Nikon page, complete with the other teaser videos and countdown clock, is here.