The new Manfrotto friction arms come in two sizes: 15cm and 24cm, two of which include anti-rotation attachments to help keep equipment stable. Anti-rotation attachments are also sold separately. The friction arms should also enable accessories to be attached to table tops, for example, when using a separate clamp. Prices start from £64.95. Visit

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July 14th 2015 – Manfrotto, world leader in the photography, imaging equipment and accessories industry has announced the launch of the new Friction Arms Range, enriching its range of arms for photography and videography. Ideal for professional and advanced enthusiasts, these four new small-sized friction arms are available in two sizes; 15cm and 24cm. The range offers updated features, including the unique and innovative Anti-rotation system, which keeps the equipment securely interlocked. The whole family is extremely versatile, as a result of the different interchangeable adapters available.
The new Friction Arms range assures great firmness due to the new and unique Anti-rotation System, which prevents the load rotating when the arm is attached to a tripod or to a bar through a clamp. This distinctive feature is available using Manfrotto friction arms in combination with Manfrotto Nano Clamp 386B-1 and with the ‘Easylink’ connection of Manfrotto 190 series and Manfrotto 055 series. As a result of the unique shape of the Anti-rotation adapter, the metal ring, the arm, the equipment and the support or clamp are interlocked. In this way, the arm and the equipment attached to it will no longer rotate.
The arms 244Micro-AR arms and 244MicroKit are already provided with anti-rotation attachments while the 244Mini and 244Micro arms can be upgraded with this feature simply buying the anti-rotation attachment, which is also sold separately.
The Friction Arms Range guarantees versatility of use as the attachment on top of each end can be replaced with a different adapter using the hex key included in the packaging. The kits available are spigot 5/8in, hot-shoe, 3/8in, ¼in and anti-rotation. As a result of the various kits, users can expand the range of possible applications. Made of high robust aluminium, which ensures durability, the arms can carry a payload of up to 3kg. 
Manfrotto Friction Arms are compatible with most of the accessories in the market. Using the arms in combination with the wide range of Manfrotto’s accessories guarantees the ultimate performance.

For more information, please visit Prices from £64.95.