A Kickstarter campaign has already tripled its target to create a new jacket that doubles as a camera bag.

It has been designed in three styles for different photography purposes with a street photography version, an outdoor jacket for wildlife photography and a travel blazer for corporate shoots.

Credit: Pixentu

Project founder  said: “The original idea for the line of  jackets struck when one of the team was on holiday in Europe.

“His backpack, containing thousands of pounds worth of his photography equipment, was stolen one night out.”

Slapsys and his co-creators therefore came up with the idea to create something more secure for amateur and professional photographers.

Credit: Pixentu

It houses two secure pockets fit two lenses in each with a surrounding soft material chosen to not damage the lenses.

Pixentu have also designed dedicated spaces for headphones, memory cards, spare batteries and an action camera in the jackets.

The Kickstarter campaign runs until November 26, 2017. The new Jacket is priced at £119 when you buy it on the campaign, with a number of deals for multiple purchases. The company aims to ship the jackets in February to March, 2018.

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