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Billed as the first of its kind, Beastgrip Pro is designed as the ultimate tool for photographers, videographers and ‘the rapidly growing live-streaming market’.

The modular rig system features a removable lens-mount assembly and an ‘ergonomic grip’, plus ‘industry-standard mounts’.

There are three versions, two of which include lenses, all due out now. The Beastgrip Pro Rig features a standard 37mm threaded lens/filter mount, plus a shoe for attaching LED lights, microphones and other accessories.

The Beastgrip Pro Rig also includes five standard-threaded mounts for photographers and videographers to attach kit such as tripods and stabilisers.

The Beastgrip Pro plus Wide Angle Lens kit includes a 37mm 0.43x Extreme Wideangle lens; and the third kit bundles a 37mm lens with an ultra-wideangle lens for a ‘fisheye’ effect.

Prices start from £139.99.

Press release

With immediate effect, Intro 2020 has been appointed sole UK distributor of BEASTGRIP PRO.

Beastgrip Pro is the world’s first universal lens adapter and camera rig system for smartphones. It is the ultimate tool for photographers, videographers and the rapidly growing live streaming market.

The Beastgrip Rig features an adjustable lens mount with spring loaded clamps to ensure a secure grip and perfect fit with virtually any smartphone on the market. It is a modular rig system with a removable lens mount assembly and handle that allows the user to modify the Beastgrip Pro to their own personal preference. It comes with industry-standard photography mounts and an ergonomic grip, allowing you to attach all kinds of photography gear and take a better shot.

There are 3 kits in the product range, including 2 with lenses, as follows:

Beastgrip Pro Rig
Universal/adjustable and works with virtually any camera phone on the market. It is simple and convenient to use and works with or without a protective phone case. It features a standard 37mm threaded lens/filter mount and is compatible with wide variety of conversion lenses and filters. It also features a cold shoe mount for attaching LED lights, microphones, and other accessories plus comes with five standard ¼”-20 threaded mounts for attaching to supportive photo/video gear such as tripods, stabilizers, sliders and other accessories.

Beastgrip Pro Rig plus Wide Angle Lens
This set includes a 37mm 0.43x Extreme Wide-Angle lens, which nearly doubles the field-of-view in your photo/video, letting the user see much more in the frame than a standard phone camera. It’s perfect for shooting large scenes like landscapes, concerts, sports, family photos etc.

Beastgrip Pro rig plus Wide Angle and Fish-eye lenses
Includes the Beastgrip 37mm 0.43x Extreme Wide-Angle lens and an ultra wide-angle lens that produces strong visual distortion, i.e. the classic “fisheye” circle, and an immersive 180° field-of-view. It’s perfect for action sports like skateboarding, biking, snowboarding/skis, etc.

•    Beastgrip Pro Rig £139.99 including VAT
•    Beastgrip Pro Rig plus Wide Angle Lens £169.99 including VAT
•    Beastgrip Pro Rig plus Wide Angle & Fisheye Lenses £199.99 including VAT

All units are available immediately.