Commenting on the online poll, conducted by YouGov, Jessops said: ‘44% of British adults have lost a digital photo that they wish they had printed, with “losing/breaking hardware” and “accidentally deleting the photos” being the most common ways of losing digital photos (20% each).’

Jessops added: ‘More than one in ten (12%) have lost digital photos due to technology changes e.g, old digital photos saved not being compatible with new technology.’

Nearly one in ten (8%) said they print a photo at least once a month, but more than one in five (21%) admitted to never having printed one.

Jessops CEO Neil Old said: ‘For many of us, our most treasured photos are of family and friends and special occasions.

‘It is staggering that so many of us have lost some of our precious digital photos, while ironically photos stashed in old boxes by parents and grandparents are still here today.’

He added: ‘It is clear from our research that if you want to keep your most precious photos and hand them down, printing them is the fail-safe way of making sure you don’t lose them.’

Jessops published the survey to coincide with the launch of its new ‘mobile-friendly’ website.

The site aims to allow customers to request prints any time, anywhere, while out and about.

Steve Cochrane, director of photo & business development at Jessops, said: ‘Nothing can trigger nostalgia more than when a favourite photo is physically held in the hand, hung on the wall or presented as a personalised and sentimental gift.’

The survey of 2,192 adults was carried out on 11 and 12 November.

Earlier this year, Kodak launched a free app designed to encourage people to immediately share their mobile phone images on social media, or order prints, as 35% of Brits admitted to losing smartphone photos.