Picture: The donation includes several photos from Carlos Clarke’s ‘The Agony and the Ecstasy’ series (1994) [Photo credit: © Estate of Bob Carlos Clarke]

The photographer’s estate has gifted 104 ‘career-spanning prints’ to the Bradford-based museum.

The acquisition features lesser-known images, including a shot of rock star Mick Jagger performing at the Roundhouse in 1971, as well as more famous pictures of celebrities such as Keith Richards and chef Marco Pierre White.

The NMM’s curator of photography Greg Hobson said: ‘Bob Carlos Clarke is undoubtedly a significant figure in British photography, representing many of the things that were both most interesting, but also most challenging, in the rapidly evolving photographic landscape of the 1980s and 90s.

‘He was a versatile and imaginative photographer, and there is a consistent level of quality in all his work, in particular in the photographs that he meticulously printed himself.’

Bob’s wife Lindsey said: ‘I am delighted that these important images are now part of the National Photography Collection, so that the nation has access to them now and in the future.’

Last year, ten portraits by Bob Carlos Clarke were donated to the National Portrait Gallery in London.

Photo credit: © Estate of Bob Carlos Clarke