Nikon and Secret Escapes recently sent one aspiring photographer along with a professional to Morocco, to learn how to capture the perfect shot. Armed with the Nikon D7500 and the Nikon D850, this is their journey. Find out more at

No matter your photographic discipline, Morocco offers enough diversity to challenge any photographer. A wild sea of sand dunes ripple against the foot of High Atlas, where Berber villages cling to the mountainside and breathtaking views await those who climb to their dizzying heights. Discover medieval towns that time seemingly forgot, before losing yourself in the medina of Morocco’s glorious cities.

Captured by Louis Adams on a Nikon D7500. Discover his journey at

Islamic curves and patterns dress the buildings above labyrinthine alleys that are a haven for street photographers. Hide in doorways, immerse yourself in crowds, get lost in the souks, and capture the energy and fascinating people that envelop the scene. In the north of the country, the cities have a distinctly European feel, where French colonial architecture and Art-Deco lines grace grand boulevards. It makes for a dizzying set of sights to try and capture.    

Aside from packing all the necessary equipment, be aware of customs and taboos. Any trip to the feverish souks will tell you that everything has a price; don’t be surprised if you’re street photography is accompanied with the doling out of a little change in exchange for a great portrait. It will most certainly be worth it. If you can, take a guide with you when exploring the mountains, and be prepared before venturing into the Sahara – it’s a beautiful but hostile environment. Discover hand-picked beauty spots to introduce you to the Moroccan scene and inspire your own photographic journey.  

Marrakech’s Medina 

Captured by Louis Adams on a Nikon D7500

Immerse yourself in the labyrinthine warren of medieval streets, dodging donkey carts and the bustle of the souks. Head to a rooftop for shots over the Jemaa el-Fna, a frenzied menagerie of storytellers, musicians, snake charmers and acrobats. The medina is a great place to hide, waiting for subjects to come to you. Explore the unique light of the souks and covered walkways – great shots hide behind every corner.  


This effortlessly picturesque spot is becoming something of an icon, the instantly recognisable blue pearl of Morocco. Hidden under the piercing crags of the Rif mountains, this magnificently azure medina is a warren of cool alleyways that make for truly unique pictures. Head for the casbah for great views over the town.  

Erg Chebbi 

A vast collection of powdery sand dunes, Erg Chebbi is a remarkable landscape that positively glistens in an array of colours at twilight. Before the sun fully rises or sinks, the desert can get pretty cold. Arriving early and trekking fairly deep will help get those unspoilt dune shots – if you’re using a tripod, find something like plastic cups to spread the load on each foot so you don’t find it consistently sinking into the sands. 

Assif Imnane Valley 

Captured by Ross Walker on a Nikon D850

Head for the mountains and discover the remarkable Berber culture that shelters in the plains and steep slopes. A guide is highly recommended, providing access to this traditional way of life. Imlil is a fascinating town, offering a starting point for treks up to Tizi n’ Tamatert. The towns are unique and the mountains steep, making for fascinating shots that require real effort to attain.   

Ouzoud Waterfalls 

A seriously picturesque spot, the Ouzoud falls are a simply breathtaking scene. Three falls cascade and drop to a middle plateau, swirling outward once more in one single drop. Hop on a hand-pulled raft to get close to the roaring water, or climb the cliffs for a midway, elevated platform. It’s a great spot for lunch too, so be sure to work up an appetite.   

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Nikon and Secret Escapes recently sent one aspiring photographer along with a professional to Morocco, to learn how to capture the perfect shot. Armed with the Nikon D7500 and D850, discover their own selection of unmissable photogenic spots. Follow their journey, with professional tips and tricks to help you get the most out of a Moroccan photography adventure. 


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