The Metz 26 AF-2 carries a guide number of 26 (at ISO 100/21°) and covers a focal length of 85mm with the included telephoto diffuser. Features include a wideangle diffuser (24mm) and an adjustable LED video light. The flash unit comes with a stand, so it can be positioned away from the camera. The Metz 26 AF-2 will be compatible with software updates via a USB interface. The Metz 26 AF-2, which will cost £109.99, replaces the Metz mecablitz 26 AF-1. A UK availability date is yet to be confirmed.

Press release
Zirndorf – The Metz mecablitz 26 AF-2 is the new compact system flash unit from Metz. The device can achieve a guide number of 26 at ISO 100/21° and a focal length of 85mm, and provides much higher performance and more versatile lighting possibilities than an integrated camera flash. Features include a wide-angle diffuser (24mm), up to 85mm illumination with the included telephoto diffuser, a vertically tilting reflector for an indirect flash and an adjustable LED video light, which creates additional illumination when shooting video. Depending on the camera, the Metz 26 AF-2 with slave mode also offers wireless TTL flash. Unlike its predecessor, this flash unit comes with a stand, and can be positioned for slave operation away from the camera. The device can be operated intuitively using illuminated function keys – ideal for flash novices.

Compact build and unique design
Thanks to its compact build and unique design, the mecablitz 26 AF-2 is perfectly suited for compact system cameras and compact cameras with a flash shoe. The device is the ideal companion for on-the-go and can even be stowed in a shirt pocket.

Fully compatible
Like all mecablitz system flash units, this new flash is perfectly tailored to digital cameras made by leading manufacturers. Variants are available for Canon, Nikon, Olympus/Panasonic/Leica, Pentax, Sony and Fujifilm. With the mecablitz 26 AF-2, you can of course use, besides numerous own special features, the sophisticated flash lighting technology* of the particular system cameras.

Prepared for the future
To ensure that the unit is always up to date, software updates can be conveniently downloaded via the USB interface. Therefore, the Metz mecablitz 26 AF-2 will remain compatible with new camera models launched onto the market.

Technical specifications mecablitz 26 AF-2
Flash output
• High max. guide number 26 for ISO 100 and 85mm
• High flash numbers, e.g. 160 full flashes with lithium batteries (1,5V)
• Flash delay from 0.3seconds (depending on energy source and flash output)
Basic configuration
• Simple operating concept with Status LED
• Vertical (+90°) swivel reflector
• Integrated wide-angle diffuser for 24mm illumination
• Flash readiness indicator and correct exposure display on unit and on camera*
• Automatic unit shut-off
• AF-assist light
• Wake-up function by camera
• Metal base** with quick lock
Video light
• High-performance LED video light
• 30 Lux/1m
• Adjustable in 2 increments
Flash functions
• TTL-flash mode (digital only)
• Automatic fill-in flash
• 1st and 2nd shutter curtain synchronisation*
• Pre-flash for red-eye reduction*
Power supply
• 2 x AAA alkaline-magnesium or lithium batteries
• 2 x AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries

Available in stores from the end of April

* Dependent on camera function
** Not for version Sony Multi Interface