Join us as we chat to Zeiss at their Photokina stand about the handy external lens system for iPhone 6/6S they’ve provided optics for.

Comprised of a bracket mounted on the handset with lenses simply screwed in by hand, no hardware required, the ExoLens allows users to attach external lenses to their iPhone for more options when shooting with their smartphone. No additional software is needed, just the lens. There are currently three varieties of lens on offer, a wide-angle, telephoto and macro – all produced with Zeiss optics.

The wide-angle lens offers an upgraded 100° field-of-view at an approximately 18mm focal length equivalent, while the telephoto features a 2x zoom at a 55-56mm focal length equivalent. The macro, meanwhile, is the smallest lens in the family. This features an optional transparent diffuser to combat shading your subjects.

The ExoLens is available now – check out for more details.