Multimedia software company MAGIX has released a new, free video editing software that can be downloaded now.

The company, made famous by its music software, now specialises in creating programmes for both professionals and beginners across video and image editing.

Their latest offering, Fastcut, is aimed at the latter with a very easy-to-use framework to appeal to new video makers rather than professionals.

All the user has to do in the software is select their footage and choose a soundtrack. Once they’ve done this they can create their video within seconds. This is a perfect system for photographers only beginning to use the video mode on their cameras.

Equally this usability is aimed at smartphone users as well with the ever increasing power of video footage, with the new iPhone able to record in 4K.

Credit: MAGIX Fastcut

MAGIX claims that there are a number of free songs and soundtracks available to accompany your footage. While there are lots of places you can find royalty free music for your video, having ready-to-use music makes the process a lot easier for beginners.

The company also claims that there are 150 songs from various artists available via the in-app store to help you customise your video.

Chief product officer Sven Kardelke said: “At MAGIX, it was important to us that even users without any experience in video editing could create impressive videos with high-quality results.”

“Fastcut now can be used by anyone to create entertaining videos with music in no time at all,” he added.

While the free version does come with basic editing tools, such as allowing you to trim and rotate footage, advanced tools are only available in the full version.

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For users looking for a more professional version of the software, the company offers that for £39.99. This expansion includes the ability to set clip highlights and monitor image stabilisation.