Lexar has signed a deal with the makers of a memory card which uses built-in Wi-Fi technology to transfer photos direct from digital camera to a computer or photo sharing website.

The technology, the brainchild of California-based firm Eye-Fi, makes use of ?wireless? Wi-Fi networks.

Its developers claim that the $100 Eye-Fi Card will change the way people save and share their digital images.

?Pop the card into your digital camera and start capturing those memories,? states Eye-Fi on its website. ?It stores pictures like a regular SD card no matter where you are and uploads your photos automatically as soon as you return to your home network. All you have to do is turn the camera on.?

Commenting on its deal with Eye-Fi, Lexar Media?s product marketing director Brad Anderson said: ?We believe our customers will enjoy the benefits of being able to tap into the benefits of Eye-Fi?s service ? including direct uploads of photos to many different online destinations and users? home computers.?

Eye-Fi currently produces a 2GB wireless SD memory card.

It is claimed to work at a range of more than 90ft outdoors and 45ft indoors and ?optimise? the use of power from the camera.

Lexar announced its tie-up with Eye-Fi at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which ran from 7-10 January.

For details visit www.eye.fi.

Laxar signs 'Wi-Fi' card deal