Ever industrious French photo-editing and lens correction specialist, DxO, has released the latest Nik Collection, version 7. The Nik Collection will be familiar to many readers as it includes Silver Efex, still regarded as the gold standard for black-and-white editing by many photographers.

As well as Silver Efex, there is an array of other constituent programs (or plug-ins, as they are also compatible with Photoshop, Lightroom, Affinity Photo, and DxO PhotoLab).

DxO 7 colour efex border
The new Colour Efex image border in action. All pictures credit: Michael Wayne Plant.

The main updates apply to Nik Color Efex. This now features an extended HSL (Hue Saturation Luminance) filter for extending colour range selections, along with a new Vibrancy slider. Dynamic Filters now enable you to stack and reorder filters and create local adjustments, and you can access Nik Viveza plugins as filters from within Color Efex to simplify your workflow (Viveza helps with tone and colour correction and enhancement).

Nik Collection 7 Viveza global adjustments
Viveza global adjustments from within ColorEfex

Get to the U-point

DxO’s U Point tools for local adjustment also get three new tools for making more precise selections, which can be used with all plug-ins. The Polygonal Tool expedites the selection of irregular shapes, while Control Points can now be modified into any elliptical form and Luminosity Masks can be used for faster selections by targeting levels of brightness.

Nik Collection 7 Analog Efex Bokeh
Bokeh effects can be carefully adusted in Analog Efex

Nik Collection gets a speed bump, too

There are also interface and usability improvements; images now launch up to 30% faster, according to DxO, while a Switch To makes it easier to move between Nik Collection programs. Quick Export lets you output images without leaving the plug-in, allowing you to make fast comparisons of image versions, while the Quick Search and other organisational tools have been added to the library.

Finally, Nik Perspective has been removed from the collection, though there was no explanation why. ‘With parallel installation, owners of Nik Collection 6.3 will still be able to continue to use Nik Perspective,’ DxO confirmed.

The Nik Collection 7 for MacOS and Windows is available now for £145 (new users) or as an upgrade for existing users (£79). See www.dxo.com

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