Konica Minolta has joined forces with Sony to develop digital SLRs featuring the Minolta A-type lens bayonet mount system such as that featured on the Dynax 7D.

In a joint statement the companies said that they want to take ?full advantage? of their respective imaging technologies.

Sony has a great deal of experience with CCD and CMOS imaging sensors and image processing technology. It also sells its own Cyber-shot brand of digital cameras.

Konica Minolta last week unveiled the Dynax 5D, a 6.1-million-pixel digital SLR which, like the Dynax 7D, boasts the company?s Anti-Shake system, designed to help reduce camera shake.

The companies expect the market for digital SLRs to rise to 3.6m units this year – a 44% increase on the 2.5m units sold in 2004, based on figures released by the Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA).

A soon as we have more news on this development we will let you know.