Kodak has no current plans to enter the consumer digital SLR market but will not rule out a future launch, Eastman Kodak’s European chief Jaime Cohen-Szulc tells AP.

Commenting on the company?s current range of digital compacts Cohen-Szulc said: ?At the end of the day you can?t win everywhere and we decided to win in our stronghold which is cameras that are very user-friendly.?

Speaking to AP?s news editor Chris Cheesman, Cohen-Szulc said he would not discount a Kodak digital SLR being launched at some future date and he accepted that the DSLR arena is a growing market.

Cohen-Szulc was speaking to us before announcing two new ?all-in-one? inkjet printers for the UK market, which he claims produces prints at ?7p? per print (taking into account the cost of paper and ink).

Kodak claims that photos printed by the EasyShare 5300 and 5500 models will last for more than 100 years ‘unprotected’, referring to prints which are not stored in an album, for example. They both use pigment-based inks and will go on sale in May and June respectively.

Jaime Cohen-Szulc is the general manager for Consumer Digital Imaging & Film & Photofinishing Systems Groups for the European, African & Middle Eastern Region.

For more details see an upcoming issue of AP.