Claiming to respond to market research, Kodak has decided to release its second compact digital camera to feature two lenses, the latest model designed to deliver a total 10x optical zoom capability (38-380mm).

Due out in May, the six-million-pixel EasyShare V610 sports one lens delivering the 35mm viewing angle focal length of 38-114mm, while the other zoom extends from 130-380mm in 35mm terms.

Kodak?s first dual-lens compact was the EasyShare V570 ? unveiled in January ? which aimed to deliver a maximum wideangle equivalent of 23mm in 35mm viewing angle terms (a separate zoom on the V570 has a 39-117mm focal length).

The new V610 features built-in Bluetooth connectivity so that it can transfer images to other Bluetooth-enabled devices such as printers and mobile phones, up to 30ft away from each other, claims Kodak. Customers can also transfer images to high street Kodak kiosks in this way.

Measuring less than an inch thick, the V610 is trumpeted as the world?s smallest 10x optical zoom digital camera.

The £350 model boasts a 2.8in screen carrying a resolution of 230,000 pixels and Kodak ?Perfect Touch Technology?, which aims to enhance, for example, underexposed images.

Also featured is a panorama mode, which allows the photographer to combine three pictures into a panorama picture without having to first transfer the images to a computer.

For further details call Kodak 01442 261122.