Kodak has hit out at speculation that it is set to close its European Kodachrome slide film processing lab in Switzerland.

Kodak issued as statement to AP after we heard rumours from various sources about the impending closure of the company?s European Kodachrome processing lab which is located in Lausanne, Switzerland.

A Kodak UK spokesperson told us: ?The lab in Switzerland is fully up and running and we have no plans at present to close it,? she added. ?We can’t comment on rumours or speculation I’m afraid.?

In a statement Kodak UK added: ?We remain committed to Kodachrome film and have no plans at present to discontinue this line. Of course, its long-term future will depend on consumer demand.?

Kodak first launched Kodachrome in 1935 and describes it as the first commercially successful ?amateur colour film?. It was initially made in 16mm format for motion pictures and – a year later – was produced in 35mm slide film format.

Kodak currently markets Kodachrome 64 Professional and Kodachrome 200 Professional film but discontinued Kodachrome 25 Professional several years ago.

Charles S Smith, a spokesman for Eastman Kodak?s US HQ in Rochester, New York told AP: ?Kodak continues to make and market Kodachrome and will do so as long as customer demand continues.? He added: ?The Kodak lab in the US handling Kodachrome closed over a year ago. Kodachrome processing in the US is provided by an independent lab.?