Kodak has moved to quash comments made by Vivitar suggesting that the two companies have signed a new two-year manufacturing deal.

On 4 March Vivitar issued a press release (pictured) stating that it had ?secured? a two-year licensing agreement to continue to make Kodak-branded 35mm film compacts.

Vivitar also revealed plans to develop a Kodak film-based SLR camera, called the VK100, said to be similar to the Vivitar V3000s.

At the time, Amateur Photographer (AP) had sought immediate comment from Kodak?s UK office but none was forthcoming.

However, Eastman Kodak?s director of corporate communications David Lanzillo has since told AP: ?While there has been a relationship between Kodak and Vivitar the current license agreement expired at the end of 2007.?

He added: ?We are now in the process of discussing a possible extension of that agreement. However, nothing has been finalised at this point.?

At the time of writing Vivitar?s UK office had yet to clarify its position following this latest development.

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