A polariser designed to work with any type of rangefinder camera has been launched by filter maker Kenko.

The Kenko Rangefinder Polariser consists of a pair of calibrated polarising filters, one of which fits onto the lens and the other into the accessory shoe of the camera.

?Both filters are numbered around the edge from 1-12,? explains Dorset-based store Robert White which claims the kit banishes one of the banes of rangefinder photography. ?By previewing the polarisation effect – through the filter in the accessory shoe – a note can be made of its position against an index. This can then be transferred to the polarising filter on the lens that has a similar index? simple yet effective,? claims the Poole shop which says it is the only store in the country to sell the kit.

The Kenko kit is claimed to be the first to work with ?any rangefinder camera?. Dedicated polariser kits are available for rangefinders such as, for example, the Mamiya 7 but these are only designed to be used with a particular camera.

Filter sizes for the Kenko Rangefinder Polariser are available from 39-82mm. The accessory mount polariser costs around £35 and the lens polarisers start from about £48 (for a 39mm filter) – total price from around £83. Also available is a handheld ?monocle?-style viewing polariser designed to allow the photographer to preview the polarising effect independently of the camera if they wish. This costs around £21. A kit including all three items costs from around £95.

For details of the Kenko polariser call Robert White on 01202 723046.